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Pion publishes high-quality academic journals in the areas of geography, physics, and experimental psychology. Our titles include

In a joint venture with Institute of Physics Publishing (known as Turpion Ltd), and in collaboration with the London Mathematical Society, we also publish English editions of the following journals of the Russian Academy of Sciences

  • Russian Chemical Reviews (Успехи Химий)

  • Quantum Electronics (Kвaнтовaя Элeктроникa)

  • Physics – Uspekhi (Успехи Физичecких Haук)

  • Sbornik Mathematics (Maтemaтичecкий Cбopник)

  • Izvestiya Mathematics (Извeстия РАН Сeрия Maтemaтичecкaя)

  • Russian Mathematical Surveys (Успехи Maтemaтичecких Haук)

Announcement: Turpion Ltd celebrates its 20th anniversary

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